First time user – Free Version (Complete Guide)

First – Time User (Free/ Basic Version)

First of all, thank you for using our plugin.

Please follow the steps below to setup your plugin.


Step 1 – Installing the Basic Version plugin

Once you have downloaded  Sola Testimonials plugin from, you should be able to upload the zip file to the wp-admin section under Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Once uploaded, please ensure that you have activated the plugin.


Step 2 – Getting to know the Submit A testimonial page on your website.

Once you have installed the free version, a new webpage is automatically created in your website:


  1. Locate the page entitled Submit A Testimonial, and there you will find shortcode automatically generated. This shortcode creates the submit a ticket form on your website.


See below the shortcode automatically created on page load of the Submit A Testimonial page.



See below the default style of the page automatically created using the above shortcode.



To modify or customize the page above, please navigate to Pages on the left navigation and find the relevant page.


Step 3 – Creating your first Testimonial

Navigate to the Testimonials page in the admin menu and select either Testimonials or All Testimonials:


  1. Click on the “Add Menu” to open the Add New Testimonial page.
  2. You may type into the editor your own testimonial message.
  3. Below the editor is a metabox labeled Testimonial Data. In this box you may type information such as:
    1. username.
    2. user email address.
    3. image URL (the image which can be uploaded).
    4. website name.
    5. website address.
    6. shortcode (the shortcode for the current testimonial created).


  1. At the top right of your screen is another metabox labeled Testimonial Status. In this box you may select a testimonial status to be Pending Approval or Approved.
  2. Located the shortcode to copy and paste it in a newly created page.
  3. Click Preview Changes button to preview your newly created testimonial.


See below an example illustrating the use of the shortcode.






Step 4 –  Getting to know your Settings Page

The Sola Testimonial Settings page comprises of six tabs namely:

  1. Styles Tab (choose an image style, layout, theme and customise your testimonials)
  • The  Image style section allows you select between the two options – the default, which is displays a squared image or the second one which displays a rounded image.
  • The Layout section provides a selection of five options – the default, which displays one column,the second option that displays two columns, the third option that displays three columns and the fourth option that displays four columns.
  • The last option in the Layout section does not contain any styles, it allows you to to style your own testimonials to your preference.
  • The Choose a theme section contains six themes.The first two are available in basic version and ALL six are available in the premium version.
  • The Custom CSS section provides a platform to style your own testimonials using CSS.


See below an illustration of the above.



 NB! Please ensure you have saved any changes before navigating to another tab.


2.  Shortcodes Tab (contains all the shortcodes you will need in the plugin.)


     See below the shortcodes available in the Sola Testimonial Basic Version plugin

     [sola _ testimonial id=1]

     Show off a single testimonial. Use the ID of the testimonial.

     [sola _ t _ all _ testimonials]

     Show off your raving reviews all on one page



3. Options Tab (the below options will only affect testimonials using the single or grid layouts.)

  • Allows you to show the testimonial title or not.
  • Allows you to show testimonial body or not.
  • Allows you to specify the excerpt length.
  • Allows you to set the default image size.
  • Allows you to customize your read more link.
  • Allows you to show the users name or not.
  • Allows you to show the link to the users website or not.
  • Allows you to show testimonial image or not.


See below an illustration of what is available in the Options Tab


4. Form Options Tab(allows you to create a comprehensive form on your website). There is all sorts of things you can achieve here:

     NB! All the options included in the Form Options Tab are only available in the Premium Version.


5.  Slider Tab (contains options that enable customization of a slider )

      NB! All the options included in the Slider Tab are only available in the Premium Version.



6 . Upgrade Tab (See all the more reasons to upgrade to Premium Version)