Sola Support Tickets

Create a Support Desk inside WordPress in seconds

Sola Support Tickets - Premium WordPress Support Ticket and Help Desk Plugin



Have as many agents as you want. No limitations.


Add a fully customizable help desk to your site in a flash


Connect the plugin to a mailbox and automatically convert emails to support tickets


Find out how happy your customers are with your support and agents (available as an add-on to the Premium version of this plugin)


Assign tickets to certain departments


Create and manage custom quick responses


Allow guests to submit tickets.


Assign internal notes to tickets that only agents can see


Attach files to your tickets.


Customizable Help Desk

Add a customizable help desk to your website in a matter of seconds

Easy support ticket management

Easily manage your tickets. Filter tickets by certain attributes.

Submit a Support Ticket

Allow users to send you tickets via your website

Add Departments to your Support Desk

Create and manage departments for your Support Desk

Convert emails to support tickets

Convert emails to support tickets

Respond to tickets quickly and easily

Respond to tickets quickly and easily. Upload files and add internal notes.

Full feature list

Purchase the Premium Add-on of Sola Support Tickets today and get the following features:

  • Unlimited support agents
  • Manage support tickets (pending, open, solved)
  • Add a Submit Ticket page to your website
  • Receive email notifications for new support tickets
  • Receive email notifications for support ticket responses
  • Add priorities to your support tickets (low, high, urgent, critical)
  • Internal notes
  • Upload files to support tickets and responses
  • Custom front-end help desk showing new, open and closed tickets
  • Support tickets can be made private or public
  • Add popular tickets to your help desk page
  • Add Quick responses to your support tickets
  • Assign tickets to other support agents
  • Allow guests to submit support tickets
  • Choose a default ticket status
  • Link your help desk to an email address and automatically create support tickets when emails are received
  • Customize your help desk through the use of shortcodes
  • Enable CAPTCHA on your support ticket submission form
  • Departments

Available in the following languages

Sola Support Tickets is fully translatable and is currently available in the following languages:

EnglishEnglish - UKSpanishGermanDutchItalianFrenchCroatianBengaliPortuguese - Portugal


3 Site License


$19.99 / year

Support & Updates for3 sites

Get all premium features

Access to priority support

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Unlimited Site License


$39.99 / year

Support & Updates for Unlimited sites

Get all premium features

Access to priority support

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What our clients say

Solid Support Ticket Plugin
“Seems to work really well, was able to change the wp_login links to go through to My Account on a WooCommerce store. So that might a cool feature to have to be able to easily change the login link, so if the website the support ticket plugin is being used on is a WooCommerce store ”
A Complete Support Ticket Plugin
“We’ve been looking for a support ticket plugin for quite sometime and came across Sola Support Tickets. We had very specific requirements in mind but the plugin was able to match our expectations.
The plugin is very simple to use and the settings are also simple and easy to understand. I had a few questions ”
Perfectly Integrated
“Thi plugin is based on a very good idea : to use custom post type for tickets. This way it is perfectly integrated with WordPress… and your theme ! 🙂
The plugin is pretty new and has room for improvements, but I want to encourage the team that offer a really great and friendly support.