Sola Support Tickets 3.0

January 16, 2015 10:58 am Published by

Important notes:

As from version 2.0, Sola Support Tickets now requires you to pay a yearly fee to keep your API key active. As long as your API key is active, you will continue to receive product updates and support.

Any purchase made prior to version 2.0 will not have to pay a yearly fee and we will honor our promise of providing you with free product updates and support for as long as the product us being maintained.



* New and improved Help Desk
* Added new custom post types (Documentation, Help Desk News, Product Updates)
* Better output handling when “collecting new emails”
* Improved email-to-ticket conversion
* New email filtering functionality (filter out emails from certain emails, emails that contain certain text and emails that contains certain text in their subjects)
* Fixed a bug that caused the emails to not be fetched on some hosts

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