Complete list of shortcodes

Shortcodes Tab (contains all the shortcodes you will need in the plugin.)


See below the shortcodes available in the Sola Testimonial Premium Version plugin

    [sola _ t _ submit_form]

    Allow your visitors to submit a testimonial on your website.

    [sola _testimonial id=1]

    Show off a single testimonial. Use the ID of the testimonial.

    [sola _ t _ all _ testimonials]

    Show off your raving reviews all on one page

    [sola _ t _ slider]

    Show off your raving testimonials in a slider.

    [sola _ t _ slider catid=1]

    Display and group your testimonials.

    [sola _ t _ all _ testimonials cat_id=1]

    Display and group your testimonials.

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